2nd Kup Brown Belt to 1st Kup Brown / Black stripe Belt


TIME in TRAINING SIX (6) MONTHS continuous training since last test!
STANCES All Previous Stances
DAN JON HO HUP All previous
BREAK FALLS & BODY MOVEMENTS All Previous Break falls & Body Movements
HAND STRIKES All Previous Hand Strikes
BLOCKING 1) All Previous Blocking Movements
2) Knowledge of Blocking the Following:
a- Right or Left Round Kick
b- Right or Left Back Kick
c- Right or Left Hatchet (Axe) Kicks (inside; outside)
d- Right or Left Crescent Kicks (inside; outside)
e- Right or Left Spinning Kicks
KICKS 1) All Previous Kicking Movements
2) Low roundhouse kick / low spin heel kick takedown
3) Low roundhouse kick / drop spin heel kick takedown
4) Drop side kick:
a- With back leg (attack)
b- With forward leg (defense)
c- Spinning
5) Rolling heel kick
6) Scissor kick takedown
7) Side kick / spinning scissor kick takedown
8) Drop knee-lock takedown
STRETCHING Must Show Definite Increase in Flexibility since last test!

DEFENSE AGAINST PUSHES 1) Inside steering wheel throw
2) Outside steering wheel throw
3) Double wrist drop throw
4) Cross-step trip
5) Body block throw # 1 & # 2
6) Inside wrist grab, step-thru arm-cross throw
7) Leg scissors
8) Vacuum Throw # 1 & # 2
9) 180° pivot hand throw
10) Downward elbow-lock, Sudo to neck.
COUNTER-REACTIVE TECHNIQUES 1) Execute a right overhead strike; Partner catches wrist in both hands:
a- Grab his right hand with your left hand, execute Major Hand Throw.
b- Cross-step right foot, bend right elbow, left hand grabs his left wrist, execute a elbow-lock shoulder throw over right shoulder.
c- Step in right foot, left hand pulls right hand up and out, execute a left spinning heel kick to his left temple.
d- Bend right elbow, left hand grabs his left hand, execute folding wrist-lock.
2) Execute right overhead strike; Partner attempts downward elbow-lock:
a- Circle to your left, turn back, right hand grabs his right wrist, execute a downward elbow-lock, Sudo.
b- Circle to left, right hand grabs his right wrist, left hand grabs his right wrist in circular wrist-lock position, execute step-thru circular wrist-lock flip throw, hatchet kick, come-along pin.
ESSAY Six (6) Pages on a Martial Arts Subject, Typed and Double-spaced