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Seminar Preparation

The I. S. A. would like to make your seminar successful and we offer the following guidelines and ideas for you to consider when preparing for the seminar.

To schedule a seminar, to be taught by Dr. Petrotta, at your school, be sure to first read the Seminar Requirements.

When you are ready to host a seminar by Dr. Petrotta, contact the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS Headquarters.

Some seminars consist of participants from many different schools and number over 500.

Other seminars may only have 25-50 participants.

Though everyone who wishes to host a seminar wants it to be a great success they often overlook the keys to successful preparation.

Make a Seminar Flyer:

Gather the information you need from the seminar information provided at this web site under the type of seminar you are hosting.

Let them know what they will learn at the seminar (SUNGJA-DO.)

You are going to be hosting a seminar by a Grandmaster who is one of the best at what he teaches.

Print out Dr. Petrotta's biography and include part of the information in your flyer. If you need a flyer made for you, the I.S.A. can and will do that at no cost to you (except for making copies to distribute)

Be sure the date, time, location, cost, and requirements to attend the seminar are on the flyer. If the I. S. A. makes the flyer, make sure we have this information.

Be SURE to mention the seminar is open to ALL Martial Arts styles.

You would be surprised how many people may think a seminar is "closed" for only practitioners of a particular style.

Distribute Your Seminar Flyer:

Be sure to get your flyer posted everywhere you can.

Individuals who know very little about Martial Arts are also welcome.

In store windows: Most local stores have bulletin boards you can put one on.

Go to every College and University in the area and post several at each one. Mail, or hand deliver several to every martial arts school in the area.

Personally invite the instructor of the school and let him know what a great opportunity it will be to meet and train with Grandmaster Petrotta.

Try and get each instructor to commit to bringing 5 or 10 students.

Pre Registration:

Immediately begin getting your students to pre-register for the seminar. Along with a Registration form, there will be a Pre-registration form. It is vital that your own students not miss this opportunity to meet and personally train with Dr. Petrotta.

Set a goal for yourself:

Don't quit getting students to pre-register until you have met the minimum number of students to host a seminar.

When you have the forms filled out and the money in hand you can continue to contact others to register but you will already be on your way to having a successful seminar.

Free Advertising:

Worth its weight in gold, you can get free advertising prior to, during and after the seminar.

The WWW is a good place for FREE advertising of your seminar.

Places like mailing lists, E-Groups, websites, Forums, etc. Contact every local newspaper, television and radio station in the area.

Be sure to find out who is responsible for covering topics such as, "sports", "community activities", and "human interest".

Once you know "who" to talk to you can call and visit this person and supply him/her with information related to the seminar, its content and purpose, and most importantly, WHO is coming to conduct the seminar.

Give them a copy of the Grandmaster's biography.

It is vital they see the importance of the seminar YOU are hosting.

This will put your school in the public eye. Often newspapers will send down reporters and a photographer to cover the event.

Television stations may have on-site interviews with the Grandmaster, if they are arranged ahead of time.

During a political year, invite the Mayor, Senators, and Representatives.