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Seminar Requirements

We at the I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS Headquarters would like to inform you that Dr. Petrotta is available to conduct seminars at your school. This page is designed to provide information for those who would like to host a seminar.

To schedule a seminar with Dr. Petrotta at your location, the requirements listed below must be met. When you are ready to host a seminar by Dr. Petrotta, contact I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS headquarters. Once you have been notified that one of the dates you requested for the seminar is available, you will then submit the deposit to reserve the seminar date.

In order to help make the seminar you host a success, you will find several suggestions located on our SEMINAR PREPARATION page.

If you would like to speak to someone personally about scheduling a seminar, call I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS Headquarters 1 (843) 799-5240.

  • Seminar Length:

A Seminar can last for as long as you can afford. The usual time is 3 hours per session, though many people are now going for the 4 hour option.

Pricing Structure:

  • One day 3 Hour Seminar - $1,500.00 Plus expenses
  • Two days of 3 Hour Seminar - $2,500.00 Plus expenses
  • One day 4 Hour Seminar - $2,000.00 Plus expenses
  • Two days of 4 Hour Seminar - $3,000.00 Plus expenses

Seminars sessions are scheduled usually on the weekends at 3 or 4 hours per session on Saturday.

We also will hold Seminar sessions of longer duration but it does cost more. The above sessions of 4 hours in length cost approximately $2,000.00 plus expenses. Anything over 4 hours will cost an additional $500.00 per hour, plus expenses.

  • Seminar Fees:

Grandmaster Petrotta's fees will consist of the following:

The above stated fees for the actual time he teaches, travel expenses, meals and accommodations for Dr. Petrotta.  This includes the Dr's. wife and /or helper.

Countries other than the U.S.A. must have a minimum of 40 participants per session.


  • Travel Expenses:

Dr. Petrotta and his guests will travel by rental car unless distance is too far. If travel time is 3+ hours, hotel accommodations must be made for on the road, to and from and overnight at seminar site.

If seminar is too far to drive too, host will make air transportation arrangements for Dr. Petrotta and his wife and / or helper.

  • Meals:

Two (2) meals per day for Dr. Petrotta and his wife and / or helper.

  • Hotel Accommodations:

All accommodations will be arranged by the I. S. A. staff after the TOTAL seminar fee has been deposited in the I. S. A. banking account.

  • Terms:

Seminars must be booked at least 30 days in advance.

The TOTAL seminar fee must be in I. S. A. MARTIAL ARTS Headquarters before the trip commences.

  • Seminar Facilities:

A suitable location for the seminar must be acquired by the host. Facilities must include mats and /or Puzzle mats.

  • Promotional testing:

An added advantage of hosting a seminar is the chance to have the Grandmaster available for rank promotional testing.

The Grandmaster will hold a rank promotional test for all who qualify with an extra cost of $200/hour, plus the normal rank certification fees.

The Grandmaster will hold promotional rank testing for I. S. A. Taekwondo, I. S. A. Hapkido, Kukkiwon Taekwondo for 1st thru 4th Dan with the Grandmaster personally about these rank tests at

All who participate in a rank promotion testing, must have a rank application filled out and be a member of the I. S. A. and follow the I. S. A. Constitution & By-Laws rules regarding promotional testing.

The seminar host must provide, on the day of the seminar, a completed Seminar Registration Form for each participant.

The seminar host must sign and witness each registration form and is responsible for insuring that all information is correct and legible.

Seminar hosts should Click Here to see the Seminar Registration Form.

They may then print it and make copies for each participant to complete.

  • Age Requirements:

Participants must be 10 years old minimum. If under age students wish to attend seminar, arrangements will be made for 25 or more students of that age group.

  • Camcorders, Spectators, and Pictures:

Spectators are permitted, but must pay the spectator fee of $5.00, of which 100% goes to the Grandmaster in cash. Photographs of the seminar are permitted. The use of Camcorders is acceptable.

Dr. Petrotta will be available after the seminar for group and individual photographs with the participants.