ChoDan-Bo to 1st Dan Black Belt


TIME in TRAINING 12 MONTHS continuous training since last test!
PATTERN All Previous Patterns plus



STANCES All Stances From White belt to 1st Dan
HAND STRIKES 1) All Hand Strikes from White Belt to 1st Dan.
KICKS 1) All Kicking Movements from White Belt to 1st dan
2) SAME LEG COMBINATIONS: (Done with each leg)
a- Front Thrust / Round Kick
b- Front Snap / Side Thrust to Side
c- Hook Kick / Round Kick
d- Front Snap / High Slap
e- Round Kick to Front / Side Thrust to Front
STRETCHING Must Show Definite Increase in Flexibility since last test!
SELF DEFENSE All Break Hold from a Kneeling Position

This includes Hosinsul from grabs, and strikes.

SPARRING One-step sparring (minimum of 15 showing kicking ability)

Free sparring three (3) minutes (total) against three (3) opponents (not at same time)



  1. PHASE I: Any spin kick where you travel 180 degrees toward your target as in the following:

    • Spin Back
    • Spin Heel
    • Spin Hook
    • Spin Crescent

  2. PHASE II: Any spin kick where you jump and spin 180 degrees toward your target
    Example: Jump Spin Back Kic


There are two parts to any breaking test, POWER and SPEED.

POWER: Materials needed (wood 12" x 12" White Pine) (Concrete Blocks 2" x 8" 16")


Stack two (2) concrete blocks on top of holder blocks -- NO SPACERS! Use palm heel strike or punch.

Holders hold three to five (3-5) boards -- NO SPACERS! (use side kick)

Holders hold three (3) boards -- NO SPACERS! (use a jump spin back kick)

SPECIAL POWER BREAK: Cut boards into 4" x 12" and stack ten (10) boards on top of holders -- NO SPACERS! (use hand strike to break.)



Spin Hook Kick with one (1) board suspended.

Jump spin Hook (heel) kick with two (2) boards suspended.

Punch two (2) boards suspended.

NOTE: Suspended means for the boards to be held by one individual with just his thumb and index finger.